Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Python IDLE Themes

A lot of people were happy about the Python IDLE themes I posted earlier, so I decided add an extra theme and to make it a lot easier by providing a ready made 'config-highlight.cfg' file right here on Rogue Code.

Obsidian, Desert, and Tango are three themes you can use for Python's built-in IDE, IDLE.  To use them you need to download this file, and put it in your '.idlerc' folder (location depends on your system; just do a search).  Then, the next time you boot up Python IDLE, go to Options -> Configure IDLE -> Highlighting, and choose your custom theme.


  1. Thank you! Very nice themes. These are helpful.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks!
    These are wonderful themes to my eyes :D
    Works a treat on Ubuntu 12.04

  3. first off Thanks for your contribution. The themes are awesome and really take the idle environment to the next level. I was able to install them with no issue on PC at work, but I am having issues locating the proper folder on my Mac at home. idlerc in the finder, but I am not coming up with the proper results. any additional info would be helpful(I am a long time PC user and only recently switched over to mac at home.

    1. Hey Josh! In OSX, run the command "defaults write com.apple.finder ShowAllFiles TRUE && killall Finder" to reveal your hidden files. In your $home directory (Go to something like Documents and press [CONTROL + UP_ARROW]) your .idlerc folder will be right there.

      To hide your files again, run the command "defaults write com.apple.finder ShowAllFiles FALSE && killall Finder"

  4. How should i change my theme on my mac?

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  7. Thanks, nice looking and useful!

  8. I would like to give you the biggest hug ever. After an hour of hunting, I finally found where those config files were due to this post!

    Also, the themes look quite nice :)

  9. this is awesome...I don't feel like I'm programming infant code anymore

  10. Hey, I was searching for a Monokai theme port for the Python IDLE, and found this post of yours. I tried Obsidian, but I am in love with Monokai, so I ended up doing the port myself.

    Anyone interested can grab it from this gist: