Thursday, September 15, 2011

Python 3 Wall of Shame

This is something I came upon today and think is a spectacular idea in a simple format.  The Python 3 Wall of Shame explains itself rather clearly:
Python 3.0 was released December 3, 2008.
As listed on PyPI - packages in red don't support python 3, packages in green do. Hopefully one day everything will be greener.
 They have a point, don't they? The site contains a long list of libraries (200 to be exact) for Python.  Green (36)  supports Python 3 (in most cases, meaning has a Python 3 version), and the Red (164) do not.  As you can see, there is still a sea of red.  And it is kept up to date:
Status: 36/200 Updated: 2011-09-13 18:49:59.407284
I believe the problem is that most of the maintainers of these libraries simply do not see any benefit to spending any time creating a Python 3 version of their library.  They do not believe that there is enough demand to warrant the effort.  Perhaps by sending emails to maintainers and websites of our favorite libraries requesting Python 3 support, and by doing so in large enough numbers, may we be able to demonstrate the demand, and, hopefully, the rest will follow through.


  1. I really think people should be doing work towards moving libraries to 3.X. There are some really great features that were added to 3.X and there were a lot of irregularities that were fixed in the language too. Plus having a split community makes things more difficult, if adoption of 3.X were more widespread it'd make things easier on everyone.

  2. I've got something similar, but manually curated, so it has a bit more info on each project, and doesn't rely on projects using the Python 3 trove classifier: