Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project: Convert libraries to Python 3

Over at Reddit, I started a topic with the same title as this blog post: Project: Convert libraries to Python 3

Over there, people are gathering ideas and providing different resources to help organize some grassroots effort to get many of these these libraries ported over to Python 3.

The idea hit me numerous times before, but finally forced me to try to do something when I read this post from another developer who is wanting to make his own roguelike, but having issues with incompatible libraries with Python 3.

Everyone has agreed that Python 3 is the future, and most people's response is that there is no rush.  But I ask, if not now, when?  Why not now?  We demand everything else right away, and with such a large community, there has to be some spare time in there somewhere.

So go check out the thread, and contribute in any way you can, including ideas, resources, organization...it's all welcome!

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